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A lark is singing as he flies away

Le 14 novembre 2016, 05:27 dans Humeurs 0

  Swept, clean, and still, across the polished floor
From some unshuttered casement, hid from sight,
The level sunshine slants, its greater light
Quenching the little lamp which pallid, poor,
Flickering, unreplenished, at the door
Has striven against darkness the long night.
Dawn fills the room, and penetrating, bright,
The silent sunbeams through the window pour.
And she lies sleeping, ignorant of Fate,
Enmeshed in listless dreams, her soul not yet
Ripened to bear the purport of this day.
The morning breeze scarce stirs the coverlet,
A shadow falls across the sunlight; wait!

Gush to it as diety or devil

Le 11 novembre 2016, 08:27 dans Humeurs 0

 all which isn't singing is mere talking
and all talking's talking to oneself
(whether that oneself be sought or nuskin hong kong seeking
master or disciple sheep or wolf)

-toss in sobs and reasons threats nu skin hk and smiles
name it cruel fair or blessed evil-
it is you (ne i)nobody else

drive dumb mankind dizzy with haranguing
-you are deafened every mother's son-
all is merely talk which isn't singing
and all nuskin hong kong talking's to oneself alone

but the very song of(as mountains
feel and lovers)singing is silence

distinctly pizza-like

Le 12 avril 2016, 03:48 dans Humeurs 0

For the sake of clarity and because I really, really like you guys, I want to acknowledge that this title might be a little misleading.

Say you were googling “chicken pizza,” this post might show up (probably on page 35, but whatevs) and I wouldn’t want you to get halfway through reading it before you realized that this recipe is not, in fact, for pizza with chicken on top of it.

This recipe is for chicken cooked in the style of a pizza. And it’s frigging delicious. It’s cheesy and salty and tangy. Exactly the flavors your tongue expects when your brain has told it you’re having pizza for dinner. It also happens to be gluten free and ready in about 20 minutes.

I was inspired by Melissa Clark’s recipe for Skillet Chicken with Tomatoes, Pancetta and Mozzarella. Like everything she makes, it sounded amazing but I was in the mood for something more distinctly pizza-like. So I sliced up a few chicken breasts, browned them and simmered them in a tangy, garlicky tomato sauce and topped the whole thing with bubbly mozzarella cheese, good pepperoni and lots of fresh basil.

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